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HTTMT CFP-1003-3- BLACK SMOKE SHIELD Large-scale sale WINDSCREEN WIND WINDSHIELD A surprise price is realized




Product description


  • The windshield can protect motorcycle enthusiasts from the wind, thrown-up rocks, debris, and bugs.
  • Windscreen will deflect more wind for a more comfortable ride, and this makes a more relaxing and safe ride.
  • High-Grade, High-tech impact-modified acrylic windscreens
  • Impact-modified acrylic combines the impact resistance of polycarbonate with the scratch resistance of acrylic


  • Aftermarket 100% New and Excellent Condition
  • High Quality Material,Very Durable And Easy Installation
  • No install instructions
  • Color:Black
  • Material :High Quality PMMA
  • Type : Double Bubble
  • Packages: normally no box for the package. wrapped in bubbles to make it safe during shipping


  • CBR600RR 2005-2006

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