Vermont Gage 501405600 5.60mm x 3-7 8" Drill HSS Pack Beauty products Blank of,$136,Gage,501405600,,x,of,Drill,Vermont,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,(Pack,3-7/8",/Hellen1432098.html,5.60mm,HSS,Blank $136 Vermont Gage 501405600, 5.60mm x 3-7/8" HSS Drill Blank (Pack of Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Vermont Gage 501405600 5.60mm x 3-7 8" Drill HSS Pack Beauty products Blank of $136 Vermont Gage 501405600, 5.60mm x 3-7/8" HSS Drill Blank (Pack of Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools,$136,Gage,501405600,,x,of,Drill,Vermont,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,(Pack,3-7/8",/Hellen1432098.html,5.60mm,HSS,Blank

Vermont Gage 501405600 5.60mm x 3-7 8

Vermont Gage 501405600, 5.60mm x 3-7/8" HSS Drill Blank (Pack of


Vermont Gage 501405600, 5.60mm x 3-7/8" HSS Drill Blank (Pack of

Product description

Specifically made as blanks for precision drills, Vermont Gage Blanks have been used for many purposes. Over the years, Vermont Gage inch HSS Blanks have been used as shafts, arbors, guide rods, rollers, gages, alignment pins, punches, knock-out pins, as well as for stock in the manufacturing of specialty tools and instruments. With tight dimensional tolerances, Vermont Gage Drill and Blanks are perfect for any project needing precise finished ground stock.


  • High Speed Tool Steel; 62/65 Rc
  • Jobber lengths
  • 10 microinch finish or better
  • Marked with size

Vermont Gage 501405600, 5.60mm x 3-7/8" HSS Drill Blank (Pack of

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Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All the Light We Cannot See


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