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Dmitri 25% OFF Recommendation Hvorostovsky - Credo

Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Credo


Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Credo

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This album is curiously packaged: the Latin title Credo on a recording of Russian liturgical music, sold not with religious symbolism but with a close-up of the heavy-lidded, dark eyes of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Fortunately, the contents are eminently worthwhile. Hvorostovsky is, deservedly, one of the rising stars of our time, with a rich, chocolaty baritone consistently wielded with intelligence. The St. Petersburg Chamber Choir deserves to be better known; although they're frequently singing backup here, this is a beautifully disciplined, well-tuned ensemble, singing with meaning and with resonant voices. --Sarah Bryan Miller

Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Credo

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