with,Plastic,Rectangular,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,thairestaurant.at,10L,L,Can,Large,Sfozstra,/apicular1011142.html,Trash,$27,Capacity with,Plastic,Rectangular,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,thairestaurant.at,10L,L,Can,Large,Sfozstra,/apicular1011142.html,Trash,$27,Capacity $27 Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Plastic Trash Can with L Home Kitchen Storage Organization Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Trash Clearance SALE! Limited time! Plastic L Can with Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Trash Clearance SALE! Limited time! Plastic L Can with $27 Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Plastic Trash Can with L Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Trash Clearance SALE Limited time Plastic L Can with Factory outlet

Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Plastic Trash Can with L


Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Plastic Trash Can with L

Product description


Why choose our products?

1. Quality assurance: Food grade PP material, heavy and durable.

2. Perfect workmanship: details reflect strength and quality.

3. Appearance temperament: a combination of practicality and artistic decoration.

The sleeve type design fixes the garbage bag, and the garbage bag does not move.

The double-layer design can easily hide the garbage bag. Not only can the garbage bag be hidden, but also the odor can be prevented from spreading.

The extended bottom design enlarges the bottom space, making it stable and not easy to knock over.

Warm tip: If the product you receive does not match the description, please contact us and we will solve it for you!

Sfozstra Large Capacity 10L Rectangular Plastic Trash Can with L

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