Wide-Angl,ZCZZ,Cameras,Electronics , Camera Photo,$50,USB,,Driver-Free,2K,for,thairestaurant.at,/apicular1358442.html,Computers,Web,W15 ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers USB W15 OFFicial site Driver-Free 2K Wide-Angl $50 ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers W15 2K Driver-Free USB, Wide-Angl Electronics Camera Photo Wide-Angl,ZCZZ,Cameras,Electronics , Camera Photo,$50,USB,,Driver-Free,2K,for,thairestaurant.at,/apicular1358442.html,Computers,Web,W15 $50 ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers W15 2K Driver-Free USB, Wide-Angl Electronics Camera Photo ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers USB W15 OFFicial site Driver-Free 2K Wide-Angl

ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers USB W15 OFFicial site Driver-Free 2K Wide-Angl Max 57% OFF

ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers W15 2K Driver-Free USB, Wide-Angl


ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers W15 2K Driver-Free USB, Wide-Angl

Product description

Feature: 1. Can be rotated around 360° and up and down 45°, you can adjust the angle according to your needs.
2. Fixed focus and support manual focus, full HD 2K output, with high color reproduction.
3. Wide?angle without distortion, the horizontal angle can get 90°, the built?in microphone, the pickup distance can get 3?5 meters.
4. Driver?free USB, plug and play, high compatibility, convenient to use and with good performance.
5. Wide range of applications, suitable for video conferences, web broadcasts, video calls, etc.

Item Type: Computer Camera DSP Chip: No driver Image Sensor: CMOS
Lens: Glass lens
Dynamic Resolution: 2592 x 1944p
Number of Frames: 30fps
Focus Method: Fixed focus / manual focus
Focus Range: Approx. 20mm / 0.8in
Interface: USB 2.0
Audio Input: Built-in microphone
Working environment 10℃-60℃
Line Length: Approx. 1.3meter / 4.3ft
Compatible for Windows XP / 7/8/10/Vista 32bit/64bit
Support various video conferencing software.
Automatic exposure (AE).
Auto focus (AF)
Automatic white balance (AWB)
Automatic flicker correction. How to Use:
1. Open the multi-function dock and aim the camera at the front of the monitor.
2. Press down the multi-function base, and then fix it on the front so that the back of the base is close to the back of the monitor.
3. Insert the USB data cable into the USB interface of the computer.
4. The bottom of the base is the nut bracket interface.
5. Can be used when it is connected to the computer without driving.

Package List: 1 x Computer Camera 1 x User Manual

ZCZZ Web Cameras for Computers W15 2K Driver-Free USB, Wide-Angl

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