Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,A,1/2",/apicular1432242.html,(76213),(5/64-1/8THK),Round,$60,DIE,HOUGEN, $60 HOUGEN 1/2" A Round DIE (5/64-1/8THK) (76213) Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools $60 HOUGEN 1/2" A Round DIE (5/64-1/8THK) (76213) Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools HOUGEN 1 2" A Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Round 8THK 64-1 DIE 5 76213 HOUGEN 1 2" A Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Round 8THK 64-1 DIE 5 76213 Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,A,1/2",/apicular1432242.html,(76213),(5/64-1/8THK),Round,$60,DIE,HOUGEN,


HOUGEN 1/2" A Round DIE (5/64-1/8THK) (76213)


HOUGEN 1/2" A Round DIE (5/64-1/8THK) (76213)

Product description

HOUGEN 1/2" A ROUND DIE (5/64 -1/8THK) (76213)

HOUGEN 1/2" A Round DIE (5/64-1/8THK) (76213)

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