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Helly-Hansen Mens Salt Flag New sales Breathab Windproof Jacket Waterproof Deluxe

Helly-Hansen Mens Salt Flag Jacket Waterproof Windproof Breathab


Helly-Hansen Mens Salt Flag Jacket Waterproof Windproof Breathab

Product description

The Salt Flag Jacket is made for versatile use on the water. Designed with the classic Helly Hansen flag stripe originating from the Helly Hansen Jackets used by the first Norwegian Whitbread entry the Berge Viking. The Iconic stripe is a classic Marine signoff and with the jacket built in sturdy HellyTech Performance 2 ply fabrication this jackets has what it takes to keep you dry and warm. Packed with right features as a high protective collar and stealth seals in the cuffs the jacket offers top functionality while allowing you to take to the fjords in style.

From the manufacturer

HELLY TECH is the waterproof and breathable outer layer between you and the elements. Its unique membrane will keep water molecules out, while allowing sweat vapor to pass through – keeping you dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside.

HELLY TECH is a tough weatherproof outer layer, specially designed for the harshest conditions. It is a combination of a DWR-treated outer fabric, a highly breathable and waterproof membrane, and often a highly breathable inner fabric, mesh or lining.

Seven J Waterproof Windproof Breathable Rain Coat Jacket Crew Midlayer Fleece Lined Waterproof Windproof Breathable Rain Coat Jacket Hydropower Racing Waterproof Windproof Breathable Technical Marine Design Jacket Dubliner Waterproof Windproof Breathable Rain Coat Jacket Helly Hansen Mens Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Jacket
HELLY TECH Helly Tech Protection Helly Tech Protection Helly Tech Performance Helly Tech Protection Helly Tech Professional
Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable
Adjustable Hood
Hood Features Packable Compatible with a Helmet
Material Face: 100% Polyester / Back: 100% Polyurethane 2L Construction, 100% Polyester Face: 100% Polyester / Back: 100% Polyurethane 2L Construction, Face: 100% Polyester, Back: 100% Polyurethane 3L Construction, Face: 100% Polyamide / Back: 100% Polyester
Liner Quick Dry Lining Fleece Lining Quick Dry Lining Quick Dry Lining Durable Tricot Lining
Insulation Insulated Polartec 100g fleece lining
Fully Seam Sealed


Slim fit to body. Fitted technical garments may be worn over baselayers and light midlayers. Pants are slimmer through the thigh and knee and won't go much below the ankle when standing up straight.




Helly-Hansen Mens Salt Flag Jacket Waterproof Windproof Breathab

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