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LANLANLife 6 Mugs Max 43% OFF Tree Holder Stainless Steel Cups Silver Dryin Super intense SALE

LANLANLife 6 Mugs Tree Holder, Stainless Steel Silver Cups Dryin


LANLANLife 6 Mugs Tree Holder, Stainless Steel Silver Cups Dryin

Product description

In a fabulous classic shape, it is ideal for keeping your favourite mugs within your reach for making tea or coffee for your guests.
Weighted base with non-scratch underline protects your kitchen countertops.
Wipe-clean, for easy maintenance.
Non slip rubber feet pad protects the counter from scratches.

Product: cup drainers
Style: Europe
Color: silver
Material: stainless steel
Product size: 34*17*17cm
Accessories: cup drainers
Cutlery not included
The size may have an error of 1 ~ 2 cm

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Quality Assurance
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LANLANLife 6 Mugs Tree Holder, Stainless Steel Silver Cups Dryin

Plants of the Season

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