$44 261-334, Conn Terminal Block 4 POS T DIN Rail 24A (25 Items) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Block,$44,Terminal,Conn,Items),thairestaurant.at,DIN,/comatous1582628.html,T,261-334,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,24A,POS,4,Rail,(25 San Francisco Mall 261-334 Conn Terminal Block 4 POS 25 24A Items T Rail DIN $44 261-334, Conn Terminal Block 4 POS T DIN Rail 24A (25 Items) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Block,$44,Terminal,Conn,Items),thairestaurant.at,DIN,/comatous1582628.html,T,261-334,,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,24A,POS,4,Rail,(25 San Francisco Mall 261-334 Conn Terminal Block 4 POS 25 24A Items T Rail DIN

San Francisco Mall 261-334 Conn Terminal Block 4 POS 25 24A Items T Rail DIN Our shop most popular

261-334, Conn Terminal Block 4 POS T DIN Rail 24A (25 Items)


261-334, Conn Terminal Block 4 POS T DIN Rail 24A (25 Items)

Product description

Supplier: WAGO Part No: 261-334 RoHS: Yes HTS: 8536904000 COO: CH ECCN: EAR99 :  50 Type: Terminal Block Mounting: T DIN Rail Gender: N/A Termination Method: N/A Pitch: N/A Number of Circuits: 1 Maximum Current Rating: 24 A Unit of Measure: Per Each

261-334, Conn Terminal Block 4 POS T DIN Rail 24A (25 Items)

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