$62 Soup Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Pieces Cast Iron Cooker Chef Classic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining thairestaurant.at,Iron,Soup,Wok,Pieces,Pot,Three,/cv-policy/,Cast,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$62,Flat,Cooker,Classic,Pan,Chef Soup Super beauty product restock quality top! Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Chef Iron Cooker Pieces Classic Cast thairestaurant.at,Iron,Soup,Wok,Pieces,Pot,Three,/cv-policy/,Cast,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$62,Flat,Cooker,Classic,Pan,Chef Soup Super beauty product restock quality top! Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Chef Iron Cooker Pieces Classic Cast $62 Soup Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Pieces Cast Iron Cooker Chef Classic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Soup Super beauty product restock quality top Pot Wok Flat Max 65% OFF Pan Three Chef Iron Cooker Pieces Classic Cast

Soup Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Pieces Cast Iron Cooker Chef Classic


Soup Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Pieces Cast Iron Cooker Chef Classic

Product description

Color:Soup Pot

Material: cast iron
Pot bottom: top
Features: non-sticky
Product dimensions: pan: the diameter of the pot mouth is 26cm, the depth of the pot is 5.5cm, the handle is 23cm, and the applicable number is 2-6 people.Wok: the diameter of the pot is 30cm, the depth of the pot is 9cm, the height of the lid is 10cm, the handle is 23cm, and the number of people is 2-6.Soup pot: pot mouth diameter 22cm, pot depth 13cm, lid height 10cm, pot ear 6cm, applicable number: 2-6 persons
Applicable cooker: electric cooker, gas cooker, gas cooker induction, etc.
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You can visit and buy our products, suitable for all occasions. In addition, there may be light error in the picture, mainly according to the actual product. Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for coming. Have a nice day.

Soup Pot Wok Flat Pan Three Pieces Cast Iron Cooker Chef Classic

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