Floor Sofa Lazy Couch List price Bed Adjustable Folding with Pillows Two $112 Floor Sofa, Lazy Couch Bed with Two Pillows, Adjustable Folding Home Kitchen Furniture $112 Floor Sofa, Lazy Couch Bed with Two Pillows, Adjustable Folding Home Kitchen Furniture with,Floor,$112,thairestaurant.at,Adjustable,Pillows,,Bed,/educive1582396.html,Sofa,,Lazy,Folding,Two,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Couch Floor Sofa Lazy Couch List price Bed Adjustable Folding with Pillows Two with,Floor,$112,thairestaurant.at,Adjustable,Pillows,,Bed,/educive1582396.html,Sofa,,Lazy,Folding,Two,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Couch

Floor Sofa Lazy Couch List price Bed Courier shipping free shipping Adjustable Folding with Pillows Two

Floor Sofa, Lazy Couch Bed with Two Pillows, Adjustable Folding


Floor Sofa, Lazy Couch Bed with Two Pillows, Adjustable Folding

Product description


Floor Sofa, Lazy Couch Bed with Two Pillows


Upholstery Material: Suede

Frame Material: Metal

Seat Construction: Sponge

Removable Cover: No

Overall Dimension: 36.6" (L) * 19" (W) * 26" (H)

Product Weight: 28.66 lbs

Package Dimension: 38’’L*25’’W* 15’’H

Package Weight: 36.4 lbs

Weight Capacity: 176 lbs (79.83kg)

Assembly Required: No

Set Includes: 1 x Lazy Sofa, 2 x Pillows


1. Q: How do you adjust the angle of backseat?

A: Push it forward till you hear a click the latch releases. and you can adjust it to go partially back or all the way back.

2. Q: Is the cover washable?

A: No, they are attached.

Floor Sofa, Lazy Couch Bed with Two Pillows, Adjustable Folding


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