Block,$112,Rebate,Block,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Angle,Fine,/ensaffron1582597.html,-,Woodworking,Plane,Low,Smal,,Plane $112 Low Angle Rebate Block Plane - Fine Woodworking Block Plane Smal Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Low Angle Rebate Block Max 62% OFF Plane Smal Fine Woodworking - $112 Low Angle Rebate Block Plane - Fine Woodworking Block Plane Smal Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Block,$112,Rebate,Block,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Angle,Fine,/ensaffron1582597.html,-,Woodworking,Plane,Low,Smal,,Plane Low Angle Rebate Block Max 62% OFF Plane Smal Fine Woodworking -

Long-awaited Low Angle Rebate Block Max 62% OFF Plane Smal Fine Woodworking -

Low Angle Rebate Block Plane - Fine Woodworking Block Plane Smal


Low Angle Rebate Block Plane - Fine Woodworking Block Plane Smal

Product description

Material of body: iron
Material of blade:T10
Hardness of blade : 59-63
Blade size: 3mm thick, 44.5mm wide
Base (sole) size: 160mm length, 44.5mm width
Material of lever cap: Bronze
Degree of blade cutting edge:25 degrees
Degree of blade with sole:12 degrees
Weight: 750g
Adjustable mouth

Low Angle Rebate Block Plane - Fine Woodworking Block Plane Smal


UFC BELLATOR PFL One Pro Comp 95-300DB 3" Rear Block Kit

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