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Bossa For A Coup - Reloaded


Bossa For A Coup - Reloaded

Editorial Reviews

TAPE FIVE "Bossa for a Coup - reloaded" (remastered plus bonus tracks)

Better than before! As the original album Bossa for a Coup from 2007 was sold out, TAPE FIVE decided not only to repress, but to give it a whole new polish: remastered, bonus tracks and an updated cover. Again: The soundtrack for your next Coup!

Cool down and get hot! With outstanding tracks like Soulsalicious or "Cancun this album deepens the chilled side of TAPE FIVE. New on board is a radio edit of that sexy track Love on a Rainy Day . Charming Dinesh Mishra from Bollywood joined in to give us some flutey flavour for the hot new version of Taxi to Bombay ...

Sold successfully... worldwide were the albums SWINGFOOD MOOD, TONIGHT JOSEPHINE and SWING PATROL - and the live band is playing around the globe, so TAPE FIVE took some time to refresh this album just to care for it´s back catalog.

Bossa for a Coup - reloaded still is a cinematic mix of a retro-bossa-swing-latin-lounge-film noire. The plot: TAPE FIVE is on A New Mission, taking a Taxi to Bombay, meeting the Soulsalicious Senorita Bonita at the Club de Cigale in Cancun, playing a Bossa for a Coup. a Femme Libertan hit his life for Love on a Rainy Day, but what remained was the Smell of the Sidewalk would this be Permanent Midnight?

To be continued...

Bossa For A Coup - Reloaded

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