,L,Block,Bar,$51,Strap,Bend,100pcs,Occus,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Terminal,/fabulist1431848.html,Connector,Connector $51 Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Connector Terminal Block Bend Strap L Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical,L,Block,Bar,$51,Strap,Bend,100pcs,Occus,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Terminal,/fabulist1431848.html,Connector,Connector Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Terminal Bend L Block Strap Ranking TOP11 $51 Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Connector Terminal Block Bend Strap L Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Terminal Bend L Block Strap Ranking TOP11

Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Fees free!! Terminal Bend L Block Strap Ranking TOP11

Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Connector Terminal Block Bend Strap L


Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Connector Terminal Block Bend Strap L

Product description

Connector Bar Connector Terminal Block Bend Strap Locating White Block PH-AWD2.0mm Pitch Series
​Package contains:100pcs

Item specifics:
Package: Yes
Model number: Connector Plug
Products status: Stock
Type: Occus - Cables

Occus 100pcs Connector Bar Connector Terminal Block Bend Strap L

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