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Aghami 1.1L Large Capacity Air 4000mAh Humidifier Spray Long Beach Mall USB Max 84% OFF Dual

Aghami 1.1L Large Capacity Air Humidifier Dual Spray 4000mAh USB


Aghami 1.1L Large Capacity Air Humidifier Dual Spray 4000mAh USB

Product description


Product Name :1100ML large capacity wireless Air Humidifier Dual Spray Nozzles
Material: ABS+PP+Silicone
Water tank:1100ML
Size: 135*135*168mm
Color: Green,Pink,White,Grey
Power: 14.8W
Voltage: DC5V
Mist Output:One Nozzle Spray 30-50ml/h
Dual Nozzles Spray:60-100ml/h
Charing Time:3 hours
Working Time: Dual Nozzles Continuous mist 4 hours, Dual nozzles intermittent mist 8 hours
One Nozzles continuous mist 6 hours, one nozzles intermittent mist 12 hours
Full water tank can work :Dual nozzles continuous spray 13 hours, intermittent spray 26 hours
Single nozzle continous work 27 hours, intermittent work 40 hours
1.Romantic Soothing color led light and white light available
2. Humidifier battery can work 4-12 hours, water tank can work 13-40 hours
3,Built in rechargeable Lithium battery 4000mAh
4,Simple fashion H2O design with full grain belt design, you can take it any place you want
5,heavy mist with ultra-quite design

Connect ways:
Default rechargeable Lithium battery
1.phone charger
2.power bank
3.laptop USB port

Parcel including:
2.USB cable*1
4, fliter

Aghami 1.1L Large Capacity Air Humidifier Dual Spray 4000mAh USB

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