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P227EE2B20B, Switch Push Button ON ON DPDT Square Plunger 7A 250


P227EE2B20B, Switch Push Button ON ON DPDT Square Plunger 7A 250

Product description

Supplier: E-Switch Part No: P227EE2B20B RoHS: Yes HTS: 8536509033 COO: CN ECCN: EAR99 :  32 Mounting: Panel Mount/Through Hole Pole Throw Configuration: DPDT Bushing Type: N/R Switch Configuration: On On Contact Rating @ Voltage: 7A@125VAC@(cUL/UL) Actuator Style: Square Plunger Illumination: N/R Terminal Type: Solder/PC Pins Body Orientation: Right Angle Dimension: 26 x 48.2 x 16.3 mm Unit of Measure: Per Each

P227EE2B20B, Switch Push Button ON ON DPDT Square Plunger 7A 250


Update Market Information for ISCC Certified System Users

ISCC EU Certification

Common Statement from Voluntary Schemes – Mutual recognition

ISCC EU Certification

Important market information for ISCC EU system users

ISCC PLUS Certification

Lead the transition to a circular economy and bioeconomy

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Combating climate change

Sustainable aviation fuels certification with ISCC

  • Implementation of zero-deforestation
  • Protection of land with high biodiversity value and high carbon stock
  • Protection of soil, water and air
  • Compliance with human, labour and land rights
  • Measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Traceability throughout supply chains
  • Integration of smallholders in international supply chains
  • Compliance with laws and international treaties
  • Good management practices

Sustainability certification for all feedstocks and markets on a global scale

You are handling different feedstocks and you would like to only have one sustainability certification scheme that covers them all? With ISCC, only one audit is required to supply all feedstocks to all markets

ISCC is a multi-stakeholder initiative

ISCC is governed by an association with 160+ members

ISCC Regional and Technical Stakeholder Dialogue

Regional Stakeholder Meetings are very important to ISCC. The regular meetings are integrated in the ISCC association and support the constructive dialogue on the implementation of sustainability regulations.

Click here for further information

11th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference

The last ISCC Global Sustainability Conference took place on 24 February 2021. The conference is a well-established platform for industry and trade representatives, NGO’s, associations, research bodies and authorities.

Click here for further information and registration

What people are saying about ISCC


Impact of ISCC

So far, ISCC has issued more than 28,000 certificates in more than 100 countries

ISCC`s contribution to a better world

ISCC is a member of the UN Global Compact and supports major international initiatives