$86 MOD RCVR 450MHZ ASK/OOK 16QSOP (Pack of 20) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $86 MOD RCVR 450MHZ ASK/OOK 16QSOP (Pack of 20) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical MOD half RCVR 450MHZ ASK OOK of 20 16QSOP Pack MOD half RCVR 450MHZ ASK OOK of 20 16QSOP Pack /houndshark1432079.html,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,20),(Pack,450MHZ,RCVR,MOD,$86,of,16QSOP,thairestaurant.at,ASK/OOK /houndshark1432079.html,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,20),(Pack,450MHZ,RCVR,MOD,$86,of,16QSOP,thairestaurant.at,ASK/OOK

MOD half RCVR 450MHZ ASK OOK of 20 Regular store 16QSOP Pack

MOD RCVR 450MHZ ASK/OOK 16QSOP (Pack of 20)


MOD RCVR 450MHZ ASK/OOK 16QSOP (Pack of 20)

Product description

Description :

- RF Receiver ISM 433.92MHz -112dBm 20kbps On-Board, Trace 16-QSOP


  • Packaging:-Cut Tape (CT)
  • Part Status:-Active
  • Frequency:-433.92MHz
  • Sensitivity:--112dBm
  • Data Rate (Max):-20kbps
  • Modulation or Protocol:-ISM
  • Applications:-General Purpose
  • Current - Receiving:-6mA
  • Data Interface:--
  • Antenna Connector:-On-Board, Trace
  • Voltage - Supply:-3.5 V ~ 5.5 V
  • Operating Temperature:--40°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:-16-LSSOP (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
  • Supplier Device Package:-16-QSOP

  • Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL): 2 (1 Year)
Other Names: 576-4901-1

MOD RCVR 450MHZ ASK/OOK 16QSOP (Pack of 20)

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