6.7,Incell,LCD,$84,inch,+,256GB,Smartphone,8,14,Cell Phones Accessories , Cell Phones,/hydrogenolysis1011312.html,Ultra‑Thin,thairestaurant.at,SHYEKYO SHYEKYO New product!! Ultra‑Thin Smartphone 8 + 256GB 6.7 LCD inch 14 Incell 6.7,Incell,LCD,$84,inch,+,256GB,Smartphone,8,14,Cell Phones Accessories , Cell Phones,/hydrogenolysis1011312.html,Ultra‑Thin,thairestaurant.at,SHYEKYO SHYEKYO New product!! Ultra‑Thin Smartphone 8 + 256GB 6.7 LCD inch 14 Incell $84 SHYEKYO Ultra‑Thin Smartphone,8 + 256GB 6.7 inch Incell LCD 14 Cell Phones Accessories Cell Phones $84 SHYEKYO Ultra‑Thin Smartphone,8 + 256GB 6.7 inch Incell LCD 14 Cell Phones Accessories Cell Phones

SHYEKYO New product Ultra‑Thin Smartphone 8 + 256GB Limited Special Price 6.7 LCD inch 14 Incell

SHYEKYO Ultra‑Thin Smartphone,8 + 256GB 6.7 inch Incell LCD 14


SHYEKYO Ultra‑Thin Smartphone,8 + 256GB 6.7 inch Incell LCD 14

Product description



1. 19:9, 6.7" Incell high definition+ LCD, 1440x3040 high definition full fit for waterdrop screen.
2. 3.5D arc edge, 5‑point touching capacitive screen.
3. Face unlock, fingerprint unlock, very convenient.
4. Magnesium‑aluminum alloy body, nanometer three‑dimensional electroplated gradient hot‑bent glass back cover.
5. Professional manufacturing, stable performance and high reliability.


Condition: 100% brand new

Item type:

SHYEKYO Ultra‑Thin Smartphone,8 + 256GB 6.7 inch Incell LCD 14

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