$30 YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy Toggle Switch ON-Off-ON 3 Position Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Position,ON-Off-ON,thairestaurant.at,Switch,3,Toggle,Switches,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Heavy,Toggle,$30,YSYSPUJ,/hydrogenolysis1431812.html Position,ON-Off-ON,thairestaurant.at,Switch,3,Toggle,Switches,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Heavy,Toggle,$30,YSYSPUJ,/hydrogenolysis1431812.html YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy ON-Off-ON Position 3 Austin Mall Switch $30 YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy Toggle Switch ON-Off-ON 3 Position Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy ON-Off-ON Position 3 Austin Mall Switch

YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy ON-Off-ON Dallas Mall Position 3 Austin Mall Switch

YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy Toggle Switch ON-Off-ON 3 Position


YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy Toggle Switch ON-Off-ON 3 Position

Product description

Color:Toggle Switch

100% Brand New
Product Name : Toggle Switch(ON-OFF-ON 3position 6 pins)
Rated Voltage amp;Current : AC 250V, 10A,AC 125V, 15A
Body Size(Approx.) : 32 x 29 x 19mm / 1.3" x 1.1" x 0.75"(L*W*T)
Total Height : 56mm / 2.2"
Poles and Throws: DPDT - Double Pole, Double Throw
Main Color : Black, Silver Tone
Contact resistance:
Insulation resistancegt; 1000Ω
Working temperature:-40C-+85C(50HZ)/min
Package Content : 1 x Toggle Switch

YSYSPUJ Toggle Switches Heavy Toggle Switch ON-Off-ON 3 Position

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