$335 NSKI 5W All in One Operating Lamp Surgical Medical LED Head Ligh Industrial Scientific Professional Dental Supplies NSKI 5W All in One Operating Ligh Medical 4 years warranty LED Surgical Head Lamp Industrial Scientific , Professional Dental Supplies,All,LED,NSKI,Lamp,Operating,One,thairestaurant.at,in,Surgical,$335,5W,Head,Ligh,/hydrogenolysis1432012.html,Medical Industrial Scientific , Professional Dental Supplies,All,LED,NSKI,Lamp,Operating,One,thairestaurant.at,in,Surgical,$335,5W,Head,Ligh,/hydrogenolysis1432012.html,Medical NSKI 5W All in One Operating Ligh Medical 4 years warranty LED Surgical Head Lamp $335 NSKI 5W All in One Operating Lamp Surgical Medical LED Head Ligh Industrial Scientific Professional Dental Supplies

NSKI 5W All Popularity in One Operating Ligh Medical 4 years warranty LED Surgical Head Lamp

NSKI 5W All in One Operating Lamp Surgical Medical LED Head Ligh


NSKI 5W All in One Operating Lamp Surgical Medical LED Head Ligh

Product description

1. Feature: 5W LED illumination, sunlight color, cold light, cableless double power supply;
2. Function: quick of battery replacement, brightness adjustable, used with magnifiers
3. Variable function: variable color on the surface ;
4. Application: Surgery room, Stomatology, ENT;
5. Coming with 2 batteries, exchange quickly, very suitable for long time use.

Model: KD-202A-7(New)
1.Voltage:AC90-240V 50-60Hz
2.Input Power:≤10VA
3.Blub Power:LED 5W
4.Color temperature:5500±500K
7.Lamp life:50000h
8.DC charging time:5h
9.DC power supply time:4h/4h
11.Package size:250*110*270mm
12.Packing material: Zipper bag

Package Included:
1 x 5W headlight
2 x Batteries
1 x Carrying box

NSKI 5W All in One Operating Lamp Surgical Medical LED Head Ligh

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