$504 Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3/8ST Threaded Shank, Cobalt, 135 Degr Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3 8ST depot Degr Shank 135 Cobalt Threaded Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3 8ST depot Degr Shank 135 Cobalt Threaded Cobalt,,Degr,/hydroscopist1582604.html,953CO3/8ST,Twist,Mountain,135,thairestaurant.at,Rocky,Threaded,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Shank,,$504 Cobalt,,Degr,/hydroscopist1582604.html,953CO3/8ST,Twist,Mountain,135,thairestaurant.at,Rocky,Threaded,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Shank,,$504 $504 Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3/8ST Threaded Shank, Cobalt, 135 Degr Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3 8ST depot Degr Shank 135 Cobalt Boston Mall Threaded

Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3/8ST Threaded Shank, Cobalt, 135 Degr


Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3/8ST Threaded Shank, Cobalt, 135 Degr

Product description

Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3/8ST Threaded Shank, Cobalt, 135° Split Point is for use on Steel (low and medium carbon), Steel Alloy, Stainless Steel, and Strength Alloys. Hard surface with high lubricity Industrial-Grade NAS Cobalt Steel (HSCO). 3/8" Fractional Size, 0.375 , 5/8" Overall Length.

Rocky Mountain Twist 953CO3/8ST Threaded Shank, Cobalt, 135 Degr



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