Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,,Abo,Floor,Scale,$660,/idiocrasis1431810.html,Protector,Or,Pit-Frame,In-Ground,Bumper,Selleton $660 Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector In-Ground Or Abo Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,,Abo,Floor,Scale,$660,/idiocrasis1431810.html,Protector,Or,Pit-Frame,In-Ground,Bumper,Selleton $660 Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector In-Ground Or Abo Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector Or Quantity limited In-Ground Abo Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector Or Quantity limited In-Ground Abo

Weekly update Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector Or Quantity limited In-Ground Abo

Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector In-Ground Or Abo


Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector In-Ground Or Abo

Product description

Product Description

When you need to flush a floor scale or install in-ground, pit frames are the best solution! Also pit frames are used to protect the scale from forklift bumping into the scale.

This pit-Frame comes with a post for the indicator to be installed on top.

We could customize built any size floor scale or pit frame.

This pit frame could be used in Heavy duty construction to support rough handling. Available in a variety of sizes

Can be installed in a pit or outfitted with available steel ramps

Carbon Steel

In ground or above ground

Made in USA

Selleton Pit-Frame Bumper Floor Scale Protector In-Ground Or Abo

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