$60 PB7B2HS7M1CAL00 - PB SWITCH, SPST, 0.4A, 32VAC, SOLDER (Pack of Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical SOLDER,SWITCH,,32VAC,,-,thairestaurant.at,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$60,PB,(Pack,PB7B2HS7M1CAL00,0.4A,,/isanemone1432154.html,of,SPST, SOLDER,SWITCH,,32VAC,,-,thairestaurant.at,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$60,PB,(Pack,PB7B2HS7M1CAL00,0.4A,,/isanemone1432154.html,of,SPST, PB7B2HS7M1CAL00 - PB New mail order SWITCH SPST SOLDER Pack 0.4A of 32VAC $60 PB7B2HS7M1CAL00 - PB SWITCH, SPST, 0.4A, 32VAC, SOLDER (Pack of Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical PB7B2HS7M1CAL00 - PB New mail order SWITCH SPST SOLDER Pack 0.4A of 32VAC

PB7B2HS7M1CAL00 - PB New mail order SWITCH SPST SOLDER Pack 0.4A of New mail order 32VAC




Product description



  • Switch Operation : On-(Off)
  • Pushbutton Actuator Style : Raised Round
  • Contact Configuration : SPST
  • Product Range : PB7 Series
  • Switch Terminals : Solder
  • IP Rating : IP68
  • Contact Current Max : 400mA
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom : 32V

Product Information 2:

  • RoHS Compliant: Y-Ex
  • RoHS Compliant by Exemption
  • Denotes whether a product is RoHS compliant and to what level
  • More info on our RoHS amp; Legislation pages
  • RoHS Phthalates Compliant: To be advised
  • Denotes whether a product is RoHS compliant and to what level
  • More info on our RoHS amp; Legislation pages
  • SVHC: Lead (27-Jun-2018)
  • Denotes whether a product contains a Substance of Very High Concern
  • More info on our RoHS amp; Legislation pages
  • Product Compliance Certificate
  • Authorized Distributor


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