Phoenix,3.81,BCP-381-5,/leaner1582446.html,Terminal,GN,Blocks,,MM,Pluggable,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,P,Contact,$128 Phoenix,3.81,BCP-381-5,/leaner1582446.html,Terminal,GN,Blocks,,MM,Pluggable,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,P,Contact,$128 $128 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 GN 3.81 MM P Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $128 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 GN 3.81 MM P Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Phoenix Contact Limited time trial price Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 3.81 MM P GN Phoenix Contact Limited time trial price Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 3.81 MM P GN

Phoenix Contact Limited time trial price Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 3.81 MM Large-scale sale P GN

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 GN 3.81 MM P


Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 GN 3.81 MM P

Product description


  • Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
  • RoHS: RoHS Compliant
  • Product: Plugs
  • Number of Positions: 5 Position
  • Pitch: 3.81 mm
  • Connection Method: Screw
  • Current Rating: 8 A
  • Voltage Rating: 160 V
  • Wire Gauge Min: 24 AWG
  • Wire Gauge Max: 16 AWG
  • Wire Gauge Range: 24 AWG to 16 AWG
  • Series: BCP
  • Color: Green
  • Contact Plating: Tin
  • Housing Material: Polyamide (PA)
  • Brand: Phoenix Contact
  • Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-0
  • Tradename: BASICLINE

Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Blocks BCP-381-5 GN 3.81 MM P

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