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HMY Mobile phone 3D high-definition movie video amplifier, 10 in


HMY Mobile phone 3D high-definition movie video amplifier, 10 in

Product description

Feature Details
■Good Magnifying Effect:The screen amplifier can magnify the smartphone screen 2X to 3X,relieve you much discomfort and visual fatigue causing by long time focusing on small screen.
■Warm Tips:To protect your eyes,kindly suggest you watch movies under strong light or focus on the magnifier for hours
■Notebook Size:Our cellphone screen magnifier features just the notebook size great for travelling or daily life use without occupying much room
Package Including
1 x 3D Screen Magnifier
- Enjoy youtube / TV / Video with 3X bigger screen.
■Material: ABS plastic + Finier lens
■Model: 3D Screen Amplifier
■Applicable Brand: Universal
■Applicable models: All smart mobile phone
■Picture: Clear, Vibrant, Attractive

HMY Mobile phone 3D high-definition movie video amplifier, 10 in

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