$117 ZXCVBNN Smart Watches H30 Men s and Women s DIY Dials Electronic Electronics Wearable Technology ZXCVBNN Smart Watches Popularity H30 Men s and Dials Women Electronic DIY $117 ZXCVBNN Smart Watches H30 Men s and Women s DIY Dials Electronic Electronics Wearable Technology s,H30,$117,Watches,Women,and,/mesiad1011377.html,s,DIY,Electronic,Smart,thairestaurant.at,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Dials,ZXCVBNN,Men s,H30,$117,Watches,Women,and,/mesiad1011377.html,s,DIY,Electronic,Smart,thairestaurant.at,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Dials,ZXCVBNN,Men ZXCVBNN Smart Watches Popularity H30 Men s and Dials Women Electronic DIY

ZXCVBNN Smart Watches Popularity H30 Men s and Dials Women 2021 Electronic DIY

ZXCVBNN Smart Watches H30 Men s and Women s DIY Dials Electronic


ZXCVBNN Smart Watches H30 Men s and Women s DIY Dials Electronic

Product description


Color: black, lake blue, pink, purple
Main functions: custom dial, female circadian rhythm, turn off the screen, weather forecast, pedometer, heart rate, sleep, sedentary, mileage, blood oxygen, blood pressure, search, calories, Bluetooth, information push.
Chip: 8762C
Compatible system: Android4.4 (inclusive) or higher, IOS9.0 (inclusive) or higher
Screen size: 1.28 inches
Pixel: 240 * 240 IPS
Touch mode: full screen touch
BT: BT4.0
Gravity sensor: on standby
Heart rate: SC730
Battery type: lithium polymer
Capacity: 200mAh
Charging method: USB dedicated charging cable
AdorHealth 1: Batch dial download, upload photos, step counting, heart rate, sleep, sedentary, mileage, blood oxygen, blood pressure, mobile search, calories, Bluetooth, information, WeChat, QQ, etc. push.
AdorHealth 2: Search function, alarm setting, drinking water reminder, smart gesture control, do not disturb mode, reminder mode
AdorHealth 3: Phone, SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsAPP, Line, Kakao Talk, etc.
Waterproof rating: IP67
Charging time: about 2H
Battery life: 5-7 days of use, 30 days of standby
Package Included:
1 H30 smart watch
1x USB charging cable
1x user manualWelcome to the shop. The quality of our products has been strictly checked, and you deserve to have it. I wish you a happy life

ZXCVBNN Smart Watches H30 Men s and Women s DIY Dials Electronic

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Resources for Combating Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault (Title IX)

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