$188 Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model Complete Video Camera System Electronics Camera Photo Electronics , Camera Photo,XD,$188,HD,System,Complete,thairestaurant.at,Replay,01-RPXD1080-CS,Video,Model,Camera,/mesiad1358177.html Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model System Video Camera Complete famous $188 Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model Complete Video Camera System Electronics Camera Photo Electronics , Camera Photo,XD,$188,HD,System,Complete,thairestaurant.at,Replay,01-RPXD1080-CS,Video,Model,Camera,/mesiad1358177.html Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model System Video Camera Complete famous

Replay XD Factory outlet 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model System Video Camera Complete famous

Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model Complete Video Camera System


Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model Complete Video Camera System

Product description

Features and Specifications: Rotate, Tilt, Swivel, Clip, Mount, Etc.: Replay XD1080 can be mounted practically anywhere due to its small form-factor and all-round shape. There are two mounts included with each system to get you recording in no-time. HeimLock Mount (Swivel/Tilt): Features spherical adjustment with an eccentric cam-lock for a rock solid mount. Over 1,036,800 Mounting Positions with 360º lens rotation, 360º camera rotation, and 8º of tilt, not including the unlimited areas you can mount 1 of 4 included SnapTrayVHB bases. Included are 2 Flat SnapTrays and 2 Curved SnapTrays with 3MVHB adhesive to securely mount to smooth surfaces: metal, paint, powdercoat, LSE amp; HSE plastic. 3M VHB adhesive ensures secure mounting and removal without harming your surface. LowBoy Mount (Fixed): Lowest profile mount, offers 360º lens rotation. Designed to be low and out-of-the-way. Compatible with Replay's SnapTray VHB bases. Live Action via HDMI: Replay XD1080 is the first to stream full 1080 HD through the built-in HDMI out connector. You can record and stream your video simultaneously or just stream your video straight to an external HD recorder or transmitter. Compatible with: Live streaming via HDMI microwave, WiFi, 4G Transmitters amp; HDMI In HD Recording Decks. Finely Tuned Optics: Replay XD1080 features class leading optics. Never before has an action-camera featured such a high quality lens. With its custom designed wide angle 135º, f3.1 lens, and anti-glare coating, this lens is finely-tuned to match the 5MP CMOS sensor for better clarity, accurate color, and minimal image distortion. Replay XD1080 also features a removable front lens bezel to accept our ProLens 37MM Adapter for aftermarket Lens amp; Filter kits.

Replay XD 01-RPXD1080-CS HD Model Complete Video Camera System

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