$128 CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1/4"(6.35mm) Router Bits Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1 Bits 6.35mm Router 4" Genuine Free Shipping CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1 Bits 6.35mm Router 4" Genuine Free Shipping 24PCS,Bits,/methionine1431992.html,Hardware,thairestaurant.at,Router,Accessories,CHENTAOMAYAN,1/4"(6.35mm),$128,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $128 CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1/4"(6.35mm) Router Bits Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 24PCS,Bits,/methionine1431992.html,Hardware,thairestaurant.at,Router,Accessories,CHENTAOMAYAN,1/4"(6.35mm),$128,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools

CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1 Bits 6.35mm Router 4

CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1/4"(6.35mm) Router Bits


CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1/4"(6.35mm) Router Bits

Product description

We Also Have Various Other Models Of Cnc Turning Tools And Accessories. If You Need It, Please Contact Us.
Only Personnel With Professional Skills Are Allowed To Use It. Please Wear Safety Helmets, Goggles And Other Safety Equipment When Using.
- All heat-treated, with high concentricity.
- Resist torsion and strong.
- 6.35mm (1/4") shank fittings - perfect for all of your cutting, trimming and shaping requirements.
- Suitable for use with chipboard, hardwood and softwood and most makes of router saw.
- Aluminium carry case features handle and twin-clasp closures.

- 24 Piece 1/4"(6.35mm) Shank Industrial Router Bit Set:
Round over Bits: R 3/16", R 1/4", R 3/8"
Cove Bits: R 3/8", R 1/4"
Roman Ogee Bit: R 5/32"
45 Deg Chamfer Bit
Slot Cutter Bit 1/4"
Carbide Rabeting Bit 1/2"
Mortising Bit 1/2"
Combination Bevel Bit 1/2"
Dovtail Bits: 3/8" , 1/2"
V Grooving Bit 1/2"
Round Nose Bits: 1/4", 1/2"
Trimming Bit 3/8"
Panel Pilot Bit 1/4"
Straight Bits: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
Fluse Trim 1/2"
Round over Bit R1/8"

CHENTAOMAYAN Hardware Accessories 24PCS 1/4"(6.35mm) Router Bits


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