$77 SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer Bead Breaker Tool Moun Automotive Tools Equipment Moun,Automotive , Tools Equipment,Tire,Portable,thairestaurant.at,/monton1011249.html,Changer,Tool,$77,Manual,Hand,Bead,SUNROAD,Breaker Moun,Automotive , Tools Equipment,Tire,Portable,thairestaurant.at,/monton1011249.html,Changer,Tool,$77,Manual,Hand,Bead,SUNROAD,Breaker SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Tool Breaker Moun Bead Changer Free shipping on posting reviews SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Tool Breaker Moun Bead Changer Free shipping on posting reviews $77 SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer Bead Breaker Tool Moun Automotive Tools Equipment

SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Tool Breaker Moun Bead Challenge the lowest price Changer Free shipping on posting reviews

SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer Bead Breaker Tool Moun


SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer Bead Breaker Tool Moun

Product description

Our Manual Tire Changer Tool,Which Will Make you Change Tires Easily by Yourself and Help You Change Tires in a Great Energy Saving. Small Size,Light Weight, Flexible Operation and Portable,You can Change Your Tires Wherever,in the Shop, on the Farm, Even at the Track. Easy and Convenience to use.It Will be a Great Helper in your Daily Life.

Material: High Grade Steel
Color: Red
Dimensions: 7-1/2" Diameter x 3/16" Thick Wheel Rest Plate
Base Size: 15-3/8" x 18-1/2"
Height: 37"
Weight: 39.68 lbs / 18 kg
Suitable Replacement for: Tires from 8" to 16" (with a Center Hole through the Rim)

Package Includes:

1 x Manual Tire Changer

SUNROAD Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer Bead Breaker Tool Moun



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