$36 Kids Camera Digital Camcorder, Rechargeable with 2 Inch Screen 8 Electronics Camera Photo Kids Camera Digital Camcorder Rechargeable with 2 Screen Special price Inch 8 /monton1011449.html,Digital,Electronics , Camera Photo,Rechargeable,Screen,with,2,Camcorder,,Inch,$36,Camera,Kids,thairestaurant.at,8 /monton1011449.html,Digital,Electronics , Camera Photo,Rechargeable,Screen,with,2,Camcorder,,Inch,$36,Camera,Kids,thairestaurant.at,8 $36 Kids Camera Digital Camcorder, Rechargeable with 2 Inch Screen 8 Electronics Camera Photo Kids Camera Digital Camcorder Rechargeable with 2 Screen Special price Inch 8

Kids Camera Digital Camcorder Rechargeable Ranking TOP7 with 2 Screen Special price Inch 8

Kids Camera Digital Camcorder, Rechargeable with 2 Inch Screen 8


Kids Camera Digital Camcorder, Rechargeable with 2 Inch Screen 8

Product description


Kids Camera Rechargeable Digital Camcorder with 2.4 inch 12MP 1080P Screen amp; Lanyard Anti-Drop Design amp; Supports USB transfers, Christmas Birthday Holiday Toy Gift for 3-12 Years Old Children Toddler Girls Boys

1. 8.0 Megapixel high definition photos and 1080P video resolution
2. Soft silicone material shockproof
3. Multi-scene selections funny frames
4. Automatic off
5. 5 Games
6. 12 Languages

Display Screen: 2 Inches
Special Features: Photo, Video, Game
Rear Lens Resolution: 8.0 Mega Pixel
Rear Lens Recording Resolution: 1080P
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Charging Time: 2.0-2.5 Hours
Maximum Support: 32GB
Camera Weight: 65g
Charging Voltage: DC DC-5V/1A
Support languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai

Package Included:
1* Kids Camera
1* USB Cable
1* Lanyard
1* User Manual

Tips :
1) Please full charge for 2-3 hours before use
2) The built-in 3.7V battery cannot be disassembled and replaced. If it is damaged, contact us for help and repair.
3) The kids camera would not take photos or record videos until you insert a SD card.(SD card Not included)

Kids Camera Digital Camcorder, Rechargeable with 2 Inch Screen 8



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Jacksing Kids Camera Cute Cartoon Touch Screen Mini Anti‑Drop

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